Finding the Best Real Money Poker iPad App

The iPad is one of Canada's most coveted devices since it provides the opportunity to perform a number of tasks without being tied to one place. People these days use them to send text messages, video chat with their friends, and even play all of their favorite games. As such, there are several real money poker iPad app choices out there that you can download and install in order to enjoy some live competition with others.

Custom Designs

First and foremost, these programs have been optimized so that they will fit on a smaller screen - even on the Mini - and still provide an excellent interface. This means that you won't find yourself squinting at the screen or having trouble touching the right cards; everything has been developed and designed in such a way that it is easy to use and navigate. In many ways, this device is much better than its cousin, the iPhone, because the screen is larger, the graphics are better and it provides more processing power.

What about Android?

There is simply no denying that the majority of the programs designed to host Texas Hold'Em and others like it were designed for Android devices. It is completely possible to install these on your tablet, but this requires 'jailbreaking' the device. Of course, this isn't recommended since it voids any warranty associated with it and may cause it to stop working properly, but technology buffs claim that it is the best way to optimize its true potential and allow for further customization.

Native Programs

The best way real money poker iPad app choices, then, are those that were specifically designed to work with the iOS. These are much more commonplace than they once were, and more are being added to the App Store each year. These are often the best option because they have been truly optimized to work with the device. Some of these will allow you the opportunity to use 'play' money, but with others, you can make a real cash deposit and try your skills against others.

Are Bonuses Available?

Most of the time, these real money poker iPad app providers will offer you a bonus of some sort if you are new to the site. In fact, it's possible that the application itself may be associated with a full-fledged website that can be accessed via a computer. If this is the case, then you'll be able to enjoy either platform all while using the same wallet! This makes things incredibly convenient for you since you can choose whichever you like best whether you are at home or on the go. Some of these offers consist of deposit matches while others are smaller rewards provided without a necessary deposit. Wagering requirements will apply before any winnings can be withdrawn, however.

Overall, while there aren't many actual Canadian casinos out there that make these programs for poker available on Apple's signature tablet, it is completely possible to find stand-alone companies and sites that will offer up plenty of bonus cash to help get you started.